Blog - "The Lizzie Experience" was born!

My small business has had to shut down because of a pandemic! I can't see anyone face to face and that is an integral part of what I do!

So, what's the next step? What am I going to do?

Stop, think, try and see things through a different lense. Review my strengths and passions. What are my gifts, talents...etc.

It has been an incredible year. I wish I could say awesome...but nah, it wasn't awesome at all. It was ok.

In March 2020, just as I was feeling myself again, 6 or so months after surgery, our world changed forever. A pandemic...COVID 19...

I was overwhelmed to be honest. I could not believe that first my life was put on hold and almost taken away by cancer and now "I" was being placed on hold again because of a virus that was sweeping the globe.

I was so looking forward to launching my Reiki practice again and "Love and Peace Wellness". But sadly, it wasn't going to happen.

Originally, I named my business Love and Peace Wellness, because I believe that when we do things from a place of love we ultimately find peace. The two go hand in hand. I also wanted people to refer to me this way "you know Liz, of Love and Peace" - My name and two of the most beautiful words on the planet in the same sentence. Warmed my heart.

Reiki is a hands on practice. Yes, you can do long distance Reiki, but I'm a people person and I like the in person interaction. Seeing clients was no longer going to work.

My job at the wine store however, remained secure. Customers did come in and it was just so amazing to share some really deep conversations with them. Not just about the changes due to the pandemic. But we talked about people, their struggles, their triumphs, community and it's importance. We shared personal experiences. Through that sharing I noticed that people left a little lighter, perhaps a little happier, less alone. We were building relationships and community.

So thinking outside the box, I started making some videos. Writing too. It was enjoyable and I felt like I had something to say. I received some feedback from some of my followers on my social media platforms as well as friends and family. They liked my soothing voice, the inspiration and honesty. They urged me to continue and now, I'm finding my voice and my passion...

I have so much to share and so...

"The Lizzie Experience" was born. Me, Elizabeth Rapagna, a Life Experience blogger, vlogger and entrepreneur. Sharing my experiences with the world. From the cancer diagnosis & treatment, to my separation, to living on my own, my two daughters, the pandemic, inventing a product, my financial struggles, dating, clean eating and exercise, reinventing myself and moving from limiting to empowering beliefs!

I hope you'll follow along. My content is posted to Instagram and Facebook: @thelizzieexperience

TikTok: @thelizzieexperience

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I hope you will find as much hope and inspiration in what you read, as I do writing and creating it!