Blog - So I've been dumped

So I've been dumped, given the heave-ho.

Never a good feeling and even though it may have been a short lived affair and my heart may not have been totally involved. I know for me, this man had captivated my body and that part of me that so yearned to be desired.

This was my first foray into dating. I have been separated since May 2019 and I only joined a dating app in May 2021. I wasn't ready before. My first year of separation was spent dealing with my cancer diagnosis and getting well. The second year...well you know, we were dealing with a pandemic.

Between May and July, of this year, there were definitely dates, but nothing that stuck. No sparks.

Then in August I met him. A tall, hot, eclectic, funny, cigar smoking, hockey playing, stair climbing, mountain man.

Sparks, hell no. This was a big, bright, huge fireworks display!

It lasted less than two months, but it was the most invigorating and exciting time that I've had in years. This sexual re-awakening was long overdue.

I felt Alive. Young. Womanly. Feminine. Wanted. Desired. Sexy.

So now what?

I'm not sure. I'm working on it. One day at a time.

My focus is not on the "it's over". It's on all the incredible insights into myself that I've learnt as a result of this brief encounter.

Without "him" I would not have had some of these amazing insights that have answered questions and fulfilled a void that was brewing within me for way too long.

I am a strong, beautiful, intelligent, sexy and sensual woman.

I move forward with a confidence, owning who I am and all the parts of me.

No regrets or animosity.

Just an appreciation for the woman I am and that's just fucking awesome.