Blog - Rock Sculptures: A part of the Landscape that is Tannery Park

It was brought to my attention recently, that the gentleman, Randy King, who creates some of the rock sculptures along the shoreline of Tannery Park in Oakville has been asked to stop by City by-law officers.

The city has reached out to work with Mr.King to find a compromise, a solution.

I hope that this can be accomplished.

I myself have enjoyed morning jaunts to the lake to meditate, contemplate, to set forth intentions and start my day in a positive, uplifting manner. Taking in energy from the lake, surrounding nature and this most beautiful Oakville park have become a sort of ritual for me.

These rock sculptures play a role in the magic that is Tannery Park and this shoreline. I know that I, having arrived at the lake before the sunrise, have said to myself, upon discovering these beautiful works of art..."the fairies were very busy last night creating!"

These sculptures are conversation starters for those walking through the park. The artist, unbeknowst to him, has created community. Complete strangers sharing a word or two and a beautiful smile. His work is uplifting and mystical.

I've taken pictures of these sculptures and shared them on my social media and they have always garnered positive attention. I've brought friends to see these works of art and I'm always told how lucky I am to live so close to such a beautiful waterfront. That waterfront is definitely enhanced by Randy King's contribution.

Mr. King has said that creating these structures, that he has dedicated to the indigenous, help relax his mind and are good for his mental health. I would say that he, through his own self care, is helping to calm those who visit the lake. Those who take a moment to do some mindful breathing and contemplation of his work. Just looking at the sculptures is quite meditative in nature.

I sincerely hope that there is a way for the city and Randy King to come to a solution that benefits Mr.King and all of the people who now look at these sculptures as an integral part of the landscape of Oakville's beautiful Tannery Park!

I've included some photos that I have taken during my meanderings through the park.