Blog - Breakfast in Bed

Today I woke up to my FYP (for you page on TikTok) blowing up with the gorgeousness that is @whiteyy18. Woman my age are stitching and dueting his videos. This guy looks young...very young. He's hot. Rob Lowe hot in the 80's. And trust me, he's igniting the passion in plenty of cougars.

I first saw his video(s) a few days ago and I too, looked it over a few times. You can't help it. His stare...His wink...his music choices...Whether deliberately or not, he has become infamous with the woman over 40-50-60 group.

Is there anything wrong with that?

Some of the comments are so incredibly funny. "someone call his momma and tell him to stop" "no, don't you wink at me. Don't do it." "someone call the police, 'cause a crime is about to be committed". There is even a duet with a grandmother type. She smiles as she gently pats her heart at the sight of him.

There was a scene in the Thorn Birds where, Mary Carson played by Barbara Stanwyck approached father Ralph DeBricassart played by Richard Chamberlain, and declares her love for the priest and curses her old body for betraying her. Her mind is young she says and the body still yearns but it deceives her. Great scene. The link is below.

That scene came into mind as I watched many woman on tiktok lust after this young man.
But I also thought we are nothing like Mary Carson. We take better care of ourselves and woman no longer just get old...many get more beautiful with age, our focus has shifted from number to quality and we work at making the quality of our lives rich.

But you know what, that lust, is bringing about these shy, embarrassed, lovely smiles from these woman. I don't think that there should be any shame for admiring this young man and wishing in some way that we could revisit our youth. I think there is power in fantasy. If living in that place for a couple of minutes makes you feel good and energizes you, then why not?

Did you feel a bit younger? Sexier? Healthier? More seductive? Energized? Left your problems behind for a minute or two. Had a giggle or hearty laugh? Feeling a bit of an inclination to step out of your comfort zone?

Ladies, that's all good. Find the added spice you need to keep things cooking...keep it up. Find things that get you excited...fall in love with your life again.

Whatever it is that makes us feel young, like looking at this young man wink at us, use that energy to make yourself feel like the amazingly beautiful woman you are. I saw all the woman today making funny, well thought of, extremely creative videos...they were all shapes, sizes and each woman was truly beautiful! I mean that so sincerely. You ladies rocked it.

On a final note...this young man is attractive...but he's just a boy. There are many men in our age group who may not have youth...but their maturity and experience are far more sexy and attractive. Combine that with kindness, intelligence and warmth and you've got a combo that can't be beat.

So thank you to @whiteyy18 for being a good sport and all the young men who put tabasco on our eggs and a huge thank you to the mature men who serve us up breakfast in bed.